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Our vacant apartments in Lviv from Sunday

A nice apartment in Lviv center on Horodotska str. 45

Today we offer you our apartment in Horodotska str, 45 for daily rent. “Home Cosiness” agency has decorated and equipped the apartment to make you feel at home there. This apartment, as all other apartments of Lviv daily apartment rent agency “Home Cosiness”, has everything necessary for your comfortable staying there. The apartment in Horodotska str. can house up to three people.
 The apartment is conveniently located in the very centre of Lviv 450 m away from The Opera House. The rent of the apartment depends not on the amount of people staying in it but on the amount of days you’ve stayed there.
More detailed information on the apartment you’ll be able to get in our section “Daily rent in Lviv” “One-room apartments”

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Last-minute daily apartment rent offer in Lviv - up to 30% discount
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