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Lviv National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet after Solomiya Krushelnytska

Address: Svobody Ave., 28
Phone: +38 (032) 2421163

Lviv National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet  after Solomiya Krushelnytska is one of the most beautiful Opera Theatres in Europe. It was designed by Zygmunt Gorgolewski – director of Lviv Art School and constructed in 1900. The repertoire of the Theatre is traditionally very rich and is at the highest level. Operas by different Europian composers are played on: D. Verdi, D. Puccini, D. Rossini, H. Donicetti, R. Leonkavallo. P. Mascagni, Z. Bizet, P. Chaikovsky and Ukrainian composers M. Lysenko, S. Hulak-Artemovsky, U. Meitus and others as well. All operas go in their original languages.

National Academic Ukrainian Drama Theater after Mariya Zan'kovetska

Address: L.Ukrayinka St, 1
Phone: +38 (032) 2720583, +38(032) 2720762

Official opening of the theater took place on March 29, 1842. From 1900 to 1939, the theater building was used for different purposes (as the Philharmonic, cinema), but since 1944, theater troupe is constantly working in this building. Recent performances: "Haydamaky" by T.Shevchenko, "Beztalanna"  by I.Karpenko-Karyi, "Marusya Churay" by L. Kostenko, "Pavlo Polubotok" by C. Burevyi, "Natalka Poltavka" by Kotlyarevskyi, "The Idiot" by F. Dostoyevskyi, the trilogy "Mazepa", "Naples - the city of Cinderellas" by N. Kovalyk, "Madame Bovary" by G. Flaubert, "Bloody Wedding" by G. Lorka.

In January 2002, the Ukrainian Government gave this theatre status of the National Academic Ukrainian Drama Theater after Mariya Zan'kovetska.

Lviv Academic Theatre after Les' Kurbas

Address: L.Kurbas St., 3
+38 (032) 2724824

Lviv Academic Theatre after Les' Kurbas was founded in 1988 by Volodymyr Kuchynsky and a group of young actors who, like the celebrated Ukrainian director Les Kurbas and his collegues in 1918, found themselves to be "newly trained…stuck amid old repertoires and longing for something more." Since its inception, the Les Kurbas Theatre has grown into one of Ukraine's most critically acclaimed theatres-both in Ukraine and abroad. Critics call this team a unique theatrical phenomenon, because they returned intellectual prestige to the Ukrainian scene, created its methodological school.

Lviv Spiritual Theater "Voskresinnya"

Address: Grugorenka Ave., 5
Phone: +38 (032) 2741160, +38 (032) 2741300

Lviv spiritual theater "Voskresinnya" was founded in 1990 by director Jaroslav Fedoryshyn and a group of young actors from different cities of Ukraine. The theatre gained the commitment of public and theater critics for rather a short period of time. The theater "Resurrection" combines traditions of psychological theater and is in search for modern theatrical forms. Theater has participated in many international festivals.

The first Ukrainian Theater for Children and Youth

Address: Hnatyuka St., 11
Phone: +38 (032) 2726841, +38 (032) 2727810

The house in which the theater is now working was built in 1939 for the Jewish Theater. In 1944, Theater for young audience, founded in Kharkiv in 1920,  moved to the city. For the time being the first Ukrainian Theater for Children and Youth is one of the most interesting children's theaters in Ukraine. Convenient construction of the hall allows visitors travel back in a fantastic world of performance, which is happening on stage.

Lviv Puppet Theater

Address:  D.Halytskyi Ave., 1
Phone: +38 (032) 2720773, +38 (032) 2720832

 Lviv Puppet Theater was born on April 15, 1946. Ivasyk-Telesyk was the first to settle in and he liked it so much that he has been living there for over 50 years now. Ivasyk invited heroes of world fairy tales to this theatre: "Koza-dereza", "Pan Kotskyi", "Pinocchio", "Rimtimti bear," "Snow Queen", "Wild Swans", "Rikky-tikky-tavi" and many others. Heroes of more than 200 performances made young viewers happy. Apart from performances for children, theatre successfully staged a lot of plays specially for adult audience.

Lviv Theater-Studio "I lyudy, i lyal'ky"

Address: Fredra St., 6
Phone:  +38 (032) 274 00 25

Lviv miniatures theater-studio "I lyudy, i lyalky" was created in September 1990 by Oleg Novohatskyy. By creating this unique thetre team, Oleg Novohatskyy tried to expand the framework of puppet genre, creating performances that would be interesting for adults as well as for children. New expressive means are used in their performances, where the puppets live in 3-D space, dramatic actors contact with the audience on several levels of communication: from the actor, form the image, and from the puppet. Theater works for a wide range of viewers. Oleg Novohatskyy has staged 16 performances for the youngest spectators, students and adults since the theater establishment.
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