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About Lviv

Lviv (Lvov, Lwow) – one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, in which past and modern epoch are very skilfully knitted. City of Lviv as pearl of Europe and the capital of Halychyna have successfully remained intact throughout seven ages, preserving its historical atmosphere and old architecture. Lviv – city of old cathedrals and churches, historical monuments and modern buildings. Central narrow streets and monumental churches create an atmosphere of time being at standstill.

Life of the historical central part of Lviv goes slowly, preserving public tranquility. You will not find noisy crowds or clatter of autos there. Taking a walk along central part of old city during all the day you will find many interesting and fascinating sights. If you ever have been in Lviv, you will come here again and again, drawn by memories of romantic atmosphere of that historical place.

Lviv (Lvov, Lwow) – city of rapid economic development, represented by numerous companies’ offices and modern hypermarkets, widespread well-developed banking infrastructure and  services sector. Your stay in Lviv as businessman gives you a new opportunity for making new business contacts with new people and companies, organizing business meetings, sharing your vision and plans with potential clients.

Lviv (Lvov, Lwow) is also famous for its well-developed recreation infrastructure, represented by recreational areas and services like dance clubs, casinoes, kinopalaces, solariums, fitness clubs, an aquapark, pubs in the central parts of our city and its suburbs.  

Daily rent apartment in Lviv gives you an opportunity to stay in the central part of our city. Our agency’s staff welcomes you as our precious guest and hopes that sights of Lviv and our service will draw you back again and again to our city.

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